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Group Yoga Session


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Maria McBride, Studio Owner

 Maria McBride

I grew up in Natick, Massachusetts and always knew that I wanted to own and operate a small business in my hometown. I began practicing Bikram Yoga in December 2006, while at Ithaca College. I had just started training for the Boston Marathon, something that I had attempted twice before but always had gotten injured. I figured that adding some yoga into my running routine would help stretch me out and keep me injury-free.

I had no idea what I was in for! The first 90-minute class was incredibly intense and challenging - the heat, the postures, the sweat. I kept asking myself, “How am I sweating this much?” I found myself wanting to go back the next day. Over the next four months I practiced Bikram Yoga five times per week and remained healthy throughout my marathon training. Not only was I feeling great physically, but my mental state was far more relaxed and calm.

After graduation I moved home to Massachusetts and kept practicing. I saw how the benefits of Bikram Yoga helped people with so many different issues, I wanted to know more and be a part of it. It was then that everything clicked into place: I knew I would teach this yoga.

I attended teacher training in 2008 in Acapulco, Mexico and taught at studios throughout New England for two years after graduating. I opened Bikram Yoga Natick on September 30, 2010. I am so happy to now have Bikram Yoga, in Natick – my home town!
I encourage everyone to try this yoga and start feeling great!

Audrey Holst

Audrey Holst

I began practicing Bikram yoga in June 2006 at the urging of a co-worker. I was dealing with chronic pain from a back injury I sustained in highschool and had not been able to find a form of excercise that didn't make it worse. I was working hunched over a computer all day long and in direct view of the office kitchen so I had dibs on all the snacks that came through the door (which showed up in the 15 extra pounds I was sporting). My co-worker told me, "This yoga is great! You sweat like crazy and the teachers are like drill sargeants that kick your butt." Even though the first Bikram class left me with a splitting headache and an achey back, I was convinced I was going to "conquer" this yoga thing. I still haven't conquered the yoga (and never will) but I have eliminated my back pain, dropped the extra weight, and even grew 1/2" from all the natural human traction we do during class!

When the desk job no longer served me, I decided to take the leap to become a yoga teacher. I graduated from the Yoga College of India (Hawaii) in November, 2007. I taught at multiple studios in the area while teaching for, and mentoring with, senior Bikram teacher Diane Ducharme. I managed her studio from 2009 to 2014. I have been teaching at Bikram Yoga Natick since it opened in 2010.

I have experienced first-hand so many amazing examples of healing from this yoga in myself and through the stories students tell me. I will practice for the rest of my life and I'm committed to helping others create a sustainable, healing and FUN practice as well.

Jeff Osman

Jeff Osman

"Bring a towel, you're going to sweat," were my instructions from a friend after she invited me to my first Bikram yoga class. I thought "sweat, in yoga!, how hard can it be?" I was very glad I listened because she was exactly right. When I arrived to the class one of the first things I noticed was the incredible variety of, woman, people of all ages and very different body types. The other thing I noticed pretty quick was how happy and how excited they all seemed. "This is very unique...", I thought, " what is going on here?".
Well, I was struggling, sweating and for some reason smiling, all of them a ton. When the teacher announced that it did not matter, that ANYONE can do this practice and get full benefit I realized that this is something very special. It was love at first practice!

Of course I survived my first class, and I felt unbelievably fantastic afterwards. Still though at first, I could not see just how powerful Bikram yoga is. As my journey continued (and continues), as the hills and valleys, the good practices and the not so great ones happen, I learn a little better understanding of the simple and true concept that everyday day is different both in our practices and in our lives. I continue to learn and grow and fall in love with Bikram yoga more and more every day.

I attended the fall 2012 Bikram yoga teacher training in Los Angeles, where there was 442 fellow teacher trainees, and I absolutely love practicing, studying and teaching Bikram yoga! So bring a towel and I will see you in class!


Larry Kovner

 Larry Kovner

I started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2008 and quickly discovered its many benefits. Years of running took its toll on my lower back and I suffered from herniated discs. I noticed in myself and others the amazing healing power of regular yoga practice.

I attended Bikram Yoga teacher training in Las Vegas, Nev., in 2010. Being a Bikram Yoga teacher is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I enjoy connecting and sharing this yoga with students. I’m honored to be able to share the knowledge I have gained from great teachers. The students continuously inspire me, and I’m dedicated to helping them reach their potential.

Laura Senst

 Laura Senst

I was introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2010 after completing my  4th marathon. Due to constant cross training and long runs, I was experiencing tight hips and hamstrings. After a couple of weeks of practicing Bikram, I found the yoga opened my shoulders and hip flexors as well as stretched my IT band.  I went on to complete 2 more marathons with less pain, resulting in best personal records.

After a traumatic injury in fall of 2011, I was told I would never be able to run again. My right knee and tibia bone were damaged. Determined to prove my surgeon wrong, I went back into the hot room to heal my body. With time, patience, and practice, I was able to heal the body in 14 weeks. Summer of 2012 I completed multiple 5k road races.

I am a true believer Bikram Yoga is a healing yoga. I’ve seen and felt the tremendous benefits in my body. I  knew instantly I wanted to become a Bikram yoga teacher. In Spring 2014 I went to teacher training in Los Angeles, CA. I love sharing my experience with yoga students and seeing their transformations in class!


Joanne Zimmerman

 Joanne Zimmerman

In 2005 I decided to find out what Bikram Yoga was all about. I immediately fell in love with the practice! The physical and mental aspects of the workout intrigued and invigorated me while simultaneously transforming my body and mind.

I have always enjoyed being active. Cross training, running, biking, swimming, paddle boarding, skiing, skating – you name it, I’ve done it. I trained for and completed my first triathlon in 2010. My search for a “new” workout ended with Bikram Yoga. My practice has made my body and mind stronger and more flexible. Bikram Yoga has also benefited my challenging daily schedule of working from home, volunteering in the community, and managing a busy household.

In 2011, six years after my first class, I attended teacher training in Los Angeles, Calif. I am thrilled that I accomplished my goal and can now assist others with their Bikram Yoga practice.

Louise Giordani

 louise pic

I started my Bikram Yoga practice in Boston in 2000 while recuperating from knee surgery. After moving to Portsmouth NH in 2003 I began a regular daily practice at Bikram Yoga Portsmouth. After four years of a regular daily practice, I went to the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training and received my certificate in June 2007. I regularly continue my education about yoga and contribute my time to help others. I have been leading a weekly practice of the 84 Asanas since 2009. I have been active in the New England Regional Yoga Asana Championships since 2005 as an Athlete, Coach, Host, Volunteer, Sponsor, and USA Yoga Sport Federation Judge. I have taught and still teach at many of the local Bikram Yoga studios and am the former owner of Bikram Yoga Chelmsford.

Melanie Dolan

 Melanie Dolan

My life did a 180 when I met Maria at Bikram Yoga Natick in 2011. My sister brought me to my first class when I was a senior at Syracuse University studying finance. I felt like I was floating along without much direction or purpose. As soon as I graduated college, I dove in headfirst. I practiced every day for 121 days straight and then got on a plane to Los Angeles to attend teacher training in the Fall of 2012. Best decision ever. Bikram Yoga has given me a restored sense of direction, drive and purpose. I learned quickly that without personal power, life can be a scary place. I teach because Bikram Yoga is magic. The goal is self-awareness, but you don't need to know that that's your goal when you put your toes on the line. It just happens. Without effort you begin to see yourself and everyone in your life with a quality of softness.

I teach because I don't know how to explain this to anyone in a way that seems logical. My goal is to help students see for themselves. This is why I say the 26.2 is magic. It works, and I am in love with it.


Andrea Barnhill

 headshot (2)_copy

I took my first yoga class at the Bikram Yoga Natick studio in 2011 when a close friend said "come try this yoga." Turns out my friend grew up with Loretta, the mom of our studio owner, Maria! During that first class, my heart was beating so fast it felt like it was coming out of my chest, but I was so happy because the mental and physical effort combined along with the sweating, made me feel amazing. It took me a few years to build a steady practice but I realized the more I practiced, the better I felt.

At the time, I was working full time as an executive in health insurance, and I really needed the yoga both mentally and physically in order to decompress at the end of the day. I also quickly learned that the yoga helped work out some residual health issues I had from a serious car accident years before. As my work life got busier and after 24 years at one company, I realized I needed to make a change. Aside from being with my family (or on the beach), my favorite place was the yoga studio.

With the encouragement of Maria and Audrey, I went to training in the Fall of 2016. The training in Thailand was an amazing experience! The most important thing I learned was how lucky I was to have learned from the best studios in New England -- thanks to their great owners, teachers, and such a strong and engaged student community. It is this yoga community that gave me the courage to begin teaching in 2016. Now my passion can be both my medicine and my occupation. I think this is what they call "living the dream!"