Craving The Routine

When this time of year rolls around, I can sense everyone is craving to get back to a routine. Camps have ended, vacations are finished, and the lull before back to school tests parents everywhere. I first became aware of this time of year in the first year that the studio was open. People would come in for class and as they signed in, they'd say things like, "I need this!" and "I can't wait for school to start!" and "I can't wait to get back to the routine."

Now being a parent myself, I completely understand. This past month has been filled with long, hot, exhausting days. I think we've hit up every playground in Metro West. I've caved on numerous accounts and flipped on an episode of Thomas and Friends just to get through a little chuck of the day. A lack of routine is challenging. It can downright test you.

With the school year now upon us, I'm realizing there are new challenges ahead not only when it comes to my children but also with me evolving as a parent. Will my daughter burst into tears when I leave her with the new babysitter (spoiler alert: she absolutely will). How will my son settle in to his play school? And will I be able to handle these changes? All of a sudden, the lazy summer, home with my babies, the summer that I've been wishing away, doesn't seem so bad.

That's the thing about a challenge: when one ends, another is just around the corner. 

The same thing is true in Bikram Yoga. If you're working through an injury or dealing with pain, let that challenge be a teacher. Let it allow you to develop patience and compassion. Let it encourage you to rest. Even though it's a bummer to be hurt, try to stay present and not label it "bad." 

Many towns start school today, and we are so excited to see many of you back to your yoga routine. If though, when you snap those back to school pictures you feel a little lump in your throat, I'm right there with you. It's just like Bikram says, "you want to make your back stop hurting? You make your hip hurt! Then hair hurt! Then teeth hurt! Back's not hurting anymore!" For the past month, my head has been hurting. Now all of a sudden, as I see my son getting ready for his own back to school and my daughter about to turn one, my head doesn't hurt anymore but my heart does. 

So now that the routine is here and we embark upon another challenge, we are here for you!


Nadia Lehmejian
Nadia Lehmejian
Great blog post, Maria! ...Especially Bikram's quote; brilliant!