The 7pm Class: A New Mom's Best Friend

Attention moms of young kids! I'd like to let you in on a little secret: The 7 PM class may just be our new best friend!

Between drop off and pick up, errands and spit up, rarely is there a moment during the day that we can find for ourselves. However, once the household starts to calm down after dinner time, an escape just might be possible. I know that in our household the baby is in her crib before 7 PM. That means my husband can take over with our toddler and I am left with an evening of freedom. And that is where a 7 PM yoga class comes into play.

I'll go out on a limb and say that there is no better way to decompress, relax, meditate, and sweat away the stresses of the day than with an evening class. The roads are quiet when class lets out, most stores are closed, and there is no one to rush to pick up.

So if you find yourself all of a sudden with no one to clean up, no one to feed, no one to dress, no one to bathe, treat yourself to an end of the day yoga class. Maybe I'll even see you there tonight.