Margie's Teacher Training Reflections

I recently returned from Phuket, Thailand where I visited the 9 Week Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, and I am so grateful I was able to go back to visit Bikram, the staff, and a whole new set of trainees, 128 to be exact.

Thank you Bikram for creating a brilliant 90-minutes class of healing yoga, and thank you for taking 50 years to create a system of yoga that truly works and is accessible worldwide.  It is such a gift to be able to return go back and participate in continuing education in the Bikram Yoga bubble, while serving generously to the students who needed support and encouragement. This training is like no training or experience anyone can describe. For all of us that who became teachers, the training it was a life-changing experience. We can deeply be grateful to Bikram as his system of yoga postures, heat, and humidity truly work!

I was given the gift of teaching the trainees two classes from the podium in which I used Bikram's dialogue 11 years later to totally support what the students were working so hard to learn. I pray these students have studios to go back to that will support their teaching from the dialogue, the 90 minute class (nothing more-nothing less), and a lifelong journey of healing and self realization. Being able to go return to teacher training and visit is a treasure. The formula for training works, and the volunteer staff members were wonderful, while holding a high standard and being so supportive at the same time to the trainees.

I teach in 3 Massachusetts studios that have over 20 classes a week of ONLY 90 minute Bikram Yoga and people come regularly for a workout, self help, healing, and meditation and to get peace of mind and body.

Taking 5 of Bikram's classes helped me hear and understand so many nuances of his beautiful dialogue!  I feel feel very proud and grateful for Bikram, the training and the magic of his 90 minute class!